Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Tenants


We provide safe, suitable housing for responsible tenants at appropriate and competitive rental rates.  We also offer 24 hour emergency service, several methods of paying rent and individual solutions for any situation. Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions or feel free to call us at 403-314-0099 for more information.

How do I arrange to view one of your rental properties?

Call 403-314-0099 and you will be directed to one of our Leasing Consultants who will help you find a home that suits your needs.  You can also email us at or reply to any of the ads we have posted online.

How do I get approved to rent a suite with you?

Before you can get approved, you must fill out an application form. This allows us to verify your credentials so that we can ensure we are turning over someone’s valuable investment to a responsible tenant – you.  This involves calling your references, verifying your income and checking your credit history.

Do you allow pets?

Every property is different and has different rules on what pets and what sizes will be allowed. You can use our search filters to find properties that are pet-friendly.

How do I pay my rent?

We offer a number of options for rent payment, including: Debit, Cheque, Pre-authorized Bank Withdrawal and Money Order. We do not accept cash for rent.

How do I set up Utilities?

First, please confirm which utilities you are responsible for, then determine what service provider you will be using. Here is a list of contact info for putting utilities in your name:

  • Enmax 310-2010
  • Epcor 310-4300
  • Direct Energy 1-866-420-3174
  • City of Red Deer 403-342-8203
Who do I call for repairs?

Call us at 403-314-0099 or email us at  Be sure to have your address, contact info and a description of the problem. If you are emailing us, please be sure to include whether or not we can give a contractor permission to enter or if they will need to call you for entry.

Do I have to be there when you do repairs?

No, but you can be if you wish.  You will be asked for Permission to Enter which means the contractor will sign out a key to your home so they can complete the repairs.  If you have pets they must be confined to a room that does not require repairs.

You also have the option to have the contractor call you and make arrangements to meet you at the property to do repairs. This option can take longer for the repairs to be completed because the contractor will need to coordinate a time that works for both of you. Sometimes contractors schedules can be very tight. If they cannot reach anyone, they will turn the work order back into us, and depending on the nature of the work we may close out the issue.

For emergency repairs (flood, severe fire hazards, etc.) we may be required to enter your unit without permission. These instances are very rare and we will try to reach you at whatever contact info you have provided before doing this.

Who pays for repairs?

Property Owners are responsible for the costs of repairs for anything that wears out or fails due to regular use or defects. If a tenant has misused or abused property and it is the cause of the problem, the tenant will be responsible for the repair or replacement.

What if I have an emergency when you are closed?

Our emergency number is 403-358-0532.  If you do not have this number handy you can call our office number and get it from the after hours recording.

What counts an Emergency?

An Emergency is any situation that is an imminent safety hazard for people or is causing damage to the property.  Fires and Floods are always emergencies.  If you aren’t sure, ask!

What happens if I accidentally break something?

Call us and we will advise you for any situation.   Generally if you break it you are responsible to repair or replace it.

How do I give my notice that I will be moving out?

This is called your Notice to Vacate. In Alberta, a tenant on a month-to month lease must give notice in writing, on or before, the first day of the last month of the tenancy.

So if you would like to move out of a property at the end of February, you must provide your landlord with your notice no later than February 1. However, if the first day of the month is a holiday, you have until the second day to get your notice in.

Please note: This is not just a company policy. It is legislation in Alberta to ensure the landlord has a full month to find a new tenant to replace you.

What should I do if my neighbors are doing something bothersome to me?

Let us know. We will let you know what we can do, or what you can do. For late night or regular noise complaints, you need to contact the RCMP and file a complaint so it can be dealt with immediately. Then call us the next business day so we can find a long term solution to the problem.

You will be required to submit your complaint in writing. This can be via email, fax or snail mail. We require all complaints to be in writing so we can take them seriously. We will never disclose who the complainant is or where we are getting our information from.

Also, don’t assume someone else is calling to let us know about the problem. We try to be as familiar as we can with every property, but you live there. You know what is going better than we do. If we don’t know there is a problem, we can’t find a solution for it.

What do you do if you get a complaint about someone?

We investigate the complaint and take any appropriate action which can range from a phone call to an eviction. Our response will be determined by the seriousness of the action, whether or not it is a recurring problem and the attitude and level of cooperation of the offending party.

What happens if I have to break my lease?

The terms are included in your lease.  Please call us and we will answer any questions and guide you through the process. You may have options available that will limit your responsibility and reduce the costs involved with breaking a lease.

Other Resources

We have compiled a list of resources regarding the tenancy act, security deposits, and housing standards. See below for links that may be of interest.